Gary B. Abromovitz

Gary B. Abromovitz, Deputy Chairman

GARY B. ABROMOVITZ has been a Director of the Company since 1990. He is Deputy Chairman of the Board and during his tenure has served as Chair of the Compensation, Nominating, Governance, and Audit Committees. He currently serves as a member of each of those Committees and chairs the executive sessions of the independent Directors. Mr. Abromovitz is a retired attorney and has acted as a consultant to several law firms in business related matters. He also has been active for more than thirty years in various real estate development and acquisition transactions. Mr. Abromovitz provides the Board with a significant leadership role as Deputy Chairman and an in-depth knowledge of the history and operations of the Company providing the Board with a unique historical perspective and focus on long-term interests of the Company. He has strong regulatory knowledge with a deep understanding of corporate governance and compensation guidelines, as well as experience managing board affairs. Further, Mr. Abromovitz’s background and skill sets as an attorney and his practical business experience provides a necessary and valuable complement to the skills of other board members.